Top Online Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business in 2023

Top Online Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business in 2023

Companies these days depend on digital marketing tools to grow and scale. Digital marketing tools let you execute strategies properly and in the right manner. These tools are designed to keep drudgery organized, allowing the user to tweak things when needed.

If you are a digital marketer struggling to enhance your marketing strategies and boost return on investment, digital marketing tools will make things easier. In this post, we have enlisted some digital marketing tools you can try to outshine your marketing campaigns in 2023.

Social Media Marketing Tools

From a tool to communicate with loved ones far away, to becoming a priority marketing channel, social media has come a long way. Social media is an ideal place to nurture leads and build relationships.

Managing all of the tasks manually is tiring. Instead, consider dedicated software that allows you to publish and schedule more meaningful content across multiple platforms.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social helps businesses organize a content calendar, allowing you to publish and schedule your posts across multiple platforms. This tool lets you know when your followers are most active. 

Sprout social creates an easy bridge for collaboration with colleagues and customers alike. Inbox is integrated to let you respond to all of your social media messages on time in one place. This tool identifies top-performing posts and with integrated social listening features, you can take advantage of trends and hashtags.


Loomly is a self-proclaimed “brand success platform” that is ideal for small businesses with small social media teams. Content calendar organization, deadlines, and workflows make scheduling and brainstorming easy. Based on trending topics and tweets, Loomly curates a fresh content idea list. 

The clean user-friendly interface is easy to navigate for users who are not tech-savvy. Loomly is an affordable solution for small and solo businesses.

ProProfs Training Maker

ProProfs is one of the best educational tools that enable you to create, manage, deliver, and track courses online. It comes with a virtual classroom where students and teachers can interact with each other in an online environment.
With virtual classrooms, teachers can create learner groups, set usernames and passwords, and send reminder emails to complete courses. ProProfs let you create engaging quizzes that make knowledge transfer easy and engaging. Assign grades to correct answers and randomize questions to prevent cheating. Embed surveys at the end of each course to collect actionable feedback.
Apart from this, you can create learning paths, facilitate collaborative learning, and track learning progress through reports.

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Email Marketing Tools

This is the oldest and most tried-and-tested marketing channel. Email marketing is still the staple of internet marketing with the highest ROI

Email marketing tools let you build email lists, and improve the deliverability of campaigns. 


HubSpot, well known for CRM software, recently launched an email marketing tool. This Email Marketing tool is user-friendly and claims impressive deliverability. This tool is integrated with free-forever HubSpot CRM and other marketing tools.

The free plan of this tool allows you to send 2000 emails/month, and lets you use a drag-and-drop email builder and ready-made templates. 

HubSpot lets you integrate other tools to manage all tasks without leaving the app.


SendGrid offers a novice-friendly full suite of email marketing services. The platform lets you design your emails with drag-and-drop, coding, or both combined. Built-in deliverability and performance analytics helps marketers to find out which email is doing good and which needs improvement. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

With increasing competition in the digital landscape, businesses require specific keywords and content ideas to improve their online presence. There are plenty of tools that might help you to do daunting SEO for your website. 


Ahrefs is an extraordinary tool that lets you check organic keywords of any URL, while also estimating the traffic of the given search. This tool also helps you identify any site’s top-performing content and backlinks.

This fantastic tool not only does competitive analysis for you but also makes sure that your existing content is optimal.


Clearscope lets you capitalize on keyword opportunities. It is a content editor tool that recommends keywords and headers and increases the readability of your article to rank higher. Whether you are creating content from scratch or refreshing existing posts, clearscope covers every aspect of search optimization.

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Conversion Optimization Tools

When it comes to getting leads to convert into customers, a small change can make a big difference. The color of the call-to-action button can determine whether someone subscribes or bounces. Conversion optimization tools help you increase revenue by utilizing low-hanging opportunities.


Unbounce is a fantastic tool for building, tweaking, and publishing new landing pages quickly. Built-in comparative analytics let you find out which creative, call-to-action button and page elements are working and which aren’t.

This tool comes with landing page templates that you can modify and use. You can create multiple variants of your landing page and ferret out which one is working best.


Hotjar provides a real-time visual map of visitors’ actions and behavior on your page. Heatmaps let you know where people are clicking and where they aren’t.

By analyzing the heatmap, you can decide what to tweak on the page.

Graphic Creation Tools

Visuals are the foundation of any social media marketing and branding. If you are a small business owner and don’t have a budget for a designer, Canva is good enough to make eye-catching visuals.


Formerly known as Bannersnack, Creatopy is analogous to Canva but bears some additional features specific to marketers. Brand kits and design sets offered by the platform let you organize your creatives, and let you seamlessly work with fellow creators. The tool also offers the capability to edit the same design in multiple formats in a single click.


Visme is the best tool to create infographics and data visualization. Infographics are the most shared type of content and Visme is the ideal tool to create Twitter and LinkedIn sharable content. 

The tool is also capable of fetching data from external sources like spreadsheets, which makes the creation of presentations easy and quick.

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Landing Page and Leads Capture Tools

As the attention span of the audience is shrinking, making a visitor take an action on your page is getting difficult. Some marketing tools will help you to ensure your traffic doesn’t go in vain. 


OptiMonk lets you execute non-disruptive pop-ups to grab the attention of customers. Exit intent messages prevent visitors from bouncing off without taking an action.

The platform allows you to create different campaigns for returning buyers and first-time visitors that convey different messages rather than treating them as one-size-fits-all. OptiMonk is an easy-to-use platform, offering a ton of ready-to-use templates. You can customize them based on your needs.


Unlike traditional pop-ups, Typeform offers attractive and minimalist forms. The intake forms created with Typeform are stylish and don’t look like ads. The built-in simple editor lets you customize the form as per your need and easy embedding is an additional bonus. 

You can automate a tonne of processes and streamline your marketing operations by picking the appropriate tools. Try out different tools and find out which are working best for you. 

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