5 Low-Investment Small Business Ideas in 2023

5 Low-Investment Small Business Ideas in 2023

Financial independence is one of the primary goals that drives us in this time and age. The thought of becoming your own boss and making your money work for you even while sleeping is sensational. It is not as distant a dream for common people with no or little capital as it used to be in the past. It is possible for you to start something from the scratch based solely on your skills and a computer with internet. We will talk about business ideas that require little or no capital investment.

Content Writing

Rapid digitization combined with Google’s strict SEO policies make it necessary for every business to pay attention to content. The time is past when you could stuff keywords into copied content and just get a boost up the SERP. If you have a flair for writing and are able to create well-researched content very fast, this could be a very good time for you to offer your services for a good price.

There are two aspects to the content game – quality and quantity. You can either focus on quality content that pays more per word but is required at a lower volume or you can focus on creating massive quantities spending less time on research. You can take clients depending on the kind of work you would like to do. The key is to be open to reading and acquiring knowledge about any field fast.

The next step is to train more writers, take them under your wing, and earn more while creating some jobs.

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Web Development

The time is gone where websites had to be created from the ground up. There are plenty of templates that people can use to create websites very fast just by clicking on the right things and putting the right content in. While for an adept developer this might seem almost like a child’s play, to business owners with little or no technical acumen this could seem hard. That’s a market you can target with your freelance web development services

You can make your client pay for the template and some extra money as your charge. You can take steps to ensure good page speed. And you can even earn some more in commission from third-party vendors like security companies and cache software providers, by hooking them with your clients.

Drop shipping

You can start this with some garage space, a small team and a few motorcycles. Although it doesn’t sound like a zero capital business nothing is. Associate with multiple e-commerce channels, take contracts to store and deliver things in a small area. Expand that area as and when you can.

Localized food delivery

A lot of your neighbours are still going to the market everyday for groceries and they are also quite upset with the high delivery charges incurred by the food delivery apps since your locality doesn’t really have restaurants that deliver food, or at least there is dearth of options. That whole scenario sounds like opportunity.

Get along with a few local people who can cook, provide them a place to prepare food items, create a list of items that are easy to make and will have good demand (this will take some testing). Offer the cooks stakes in the business instead of salaries. Employ a couple of riders for the deliveries. This business idea has failed very few people.

Once you have the delivery mechanism down, see if you can expand into grocery delivery zone following the footsteps of Swiggy, of course.

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Digital Marketing

Once again we will talk about the rapid digital transformation era that the pandemic had pushed us into and something that we have so readily accepted. Now, a lot of businesses want a strong electronic presence as they have realized the the scopes of pan-nation expansion. But the issue is they do not know how to compete with big players. They know how to put an ad out but not when to do it. They know they need a blog, but do not know how to target keywords effectively.

This is where you come in with your knowledge of digital marketing. You teach businesses how they can proceed with their marketing strategy or for an elevated rate you take charge of their marketing for a limited period of time. You can assimilate a team of content writers, and a couple of SEO experts if you have a mind for rapid expansion.


Whenever we talk about a low-investment business what we skip is that you must invest time. You must spend time acquiring knowledge, trying different things, and train other people. There is no business without time.

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