How to Get Into Tech Sales?

How To Get Into Tech Sales?

The increase in opportunities and hirings in the tech sector is witnessing rapid growth. It is essential to view this factor as a reason for people jumping into these jobs. The past decade has seen a rise in hiring in the sales sector by 47%. However, it is not a topic that has an explanation possible in brief.

Getting into tech sales involves a multitude of factors. They begin right from the segmentation of roles, identification, and grabbing the opportunity. In this write-up, we shall discuss the role of tech sales and the entry passage to get into it.

What is tech sales?

Tech sales is a vast field and an essential component of information technology. This field aims to focus on the problems people face during their information technology operations. The vital parts of this job and job responsibilities are software, hardware, and information technology services. The crucial points of this domain are: 

  • This field involves selling SaaS to businesses that need it to perform an excellent service.
  • The aim of this business is not to promote its services and products.
  • These services ensure they listen to customers’ issues, understand, and resolve them. 
  • The role of this job profile is to motivate the purchase of a product by resolving the issues restricting the sales of a product. 

The role of tech sales is vastly spread and has an excellent scope for expansion. It looks ahead to a number of developments in the future. 

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How to break into tech sales? 

The job profile of a tech sales professional is significant in information technology. Joining as a professional in tech sales results in a step-by-step process. Some essential points of this process are: 

  • Establishing connections with the professionals who have already served as tech sales professionals. 
  • Gaining knowledge of this field through resources other than the connections, such as books and the Internet, is essential.
  • Treat the hiring company as a prospect you would listen to and recommend suitable suggestions and ideas. 
  • Make excellent use of your communication skills to understand their mindset. This skill is awe-inspiring in resolving the issues of customers. 
How To Get Into Tech Sales?
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Is tech sales lucrative?

The choice of a field to work in involves reviewing its monetary gains. Choosing an area that consists of a lot of economic benefits is the choice of many people. Is tech sales a field with any scope for monetary profits? The answer to this question is positive. These points can explain this statement: 

  • There are several levels of job profiles in the field of tech sales. 
  • The hierarchical distribution of roles and responsibilities makes this profession lucrative.
  • Although it depends on the job profile, responsibilities, and duties, it is evident that these roles are expensive.
  • They start paying a good amount right from the very first job profile.
  • They earn a good amount of bonuses and incentives in the job profiles in the tech sales sector.
  • Tech sales professionals can earn from $40 000 to $114 000 even before making bonuses and incentives. 

Technology sales and tech sales job salary

The roles and responsibilities of tech sales professionals are very versatile. The salaries of these professionals vary as per the work experience and other factors. Here is an overview of the wages that these professionals get: 

  • The salary professionals with a work experience of 2 to 13 years land with salaries from Rs. 3.2 lakhs to Rs. 23.7 lakhs. 
  • The average annual salaries of a tech sales professional are Rs. 8. 4 lakhs. 
  • However, the average annual entry-level tech sales professional is $48 000.

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Tips and tricks to get a job in tech sales

Getting a job in tech sales is a game that requires the players to be active participants. They need to know about every aspect of this field. Not only do they need good work experience, but also good knowledge from other sources. Here is how to get a job as a tech sales professional:

  • Leverage your experience in sales, as hiring managers don’t need the technical details behind the product. You should highlight your knowledge of sales.
  • You should have skills and certifications from a well-known platform. This certification is essential to establish your solid presence. 
  • If possible, go for an experience in software/ product development for broad recognition. 


The job role of tech sales is a complex one. It is a vital component of the information system. Getting into this job profile requires familiarity with the skills and certifications. Breaking into this field requires training in tech sales and experience. It is an integral component of learning and development to do well in one’s professional life. It is possible through the Internet and its resources to get in-depth details and information. The help of professionals and experts can also accelerate learning and development.

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